Sicilian’s Revenge Heavy Fighting 2016

Originally I had planned several Free-For-All style scenarios, Along with several team based resurrection and capture the flag battles, Ending with a speed bearpit fight.

Most of the fights had an amusing note to them: One of them was going to have armored combatants riding stick horses all monty python like.
Several of them were going to take place on a series of 6ft x 8ft boat frames I constructed out of PVC that were interconnected with a bunch of wooden boards you had to balance across to get to another boat.

However we only had had 6 authorized fighters vs the expected 15, So we instead turned it into a day of training.
The most exciting thing to note was getting two brand new SCAdians into armor for the very first time, Both of whom were also at their first ever event! (they loved it)

The only real official fight we ran was a play test of a scenario Sir Marek and I worked out on the spot.
Resurrection with 2 teams, There was a series of boats that you had to capture in sequential order either by killing or pushing your opponent off the boats
The only way to get from boat to boat was a series of 6” wide by 4ft long “Boarding planks” you had to run across.
Everyone had a huge grin on their face the entire time so I hope to refine it and continue running it at other local events.

Lord James Freeman

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