Sicilian’s Revenge Fencing Report 2016

The Fencers of the Shire of Port Oasis were most excited to host the fencing portion of the Palio di Sicily. The rival Contrade of Port Oasis’ Fencers were each out to prove their superiority in a Topsy Turvy ladder match, instead of declaring outright warfare. The points or lack thereof helped determine the winning Contrada and determined to whom the Palio prize was awarded even after the plans changed. The fencers horsed around in the tournament and delightful festivities that ensued. But beware! The Sicilian, still out for revenge, threw a twist into the tournament. Even with a close eye being kept on the horses!

The fencing tournament was a pick your opponent and take their horse match. Taking a horse and holding on, to climb to the lead of this Fun and Wacky tournament was the theme of the “There and Back Again” race. We set a scenario that was designed to give even the most novice fencer a chance. We got away from the normal eradication and fat fowl situations so common in history past. With that desire fulfilled, we got the horse race tournament started! Although galloping was optional, we trotted around and got to know other fencer’s from around Æthelmearc, as we “picked our opponents” apart; we took down the rival Contrade and took the lead, while not forgetting to watch our hind quarters! The leaders were handicapped by having to keep one hand on their supplied rigid parry device, a stick hobby horse with a block head, while they were slowly overtaken by the pack as planned. That took care of most of our fencing needs as we dirtied our gear up. And the horses only lost a few googly eyes while giddying-up!

But then, “The Twist!”
In true Sicilian style this tournament took a somewhat unexpected twist.
So having raced from point A to point B, the leader having reached the halfway point, turned around to return to point A.

Upon seeing the leader turn, and knowing his fighting prowess the other riders become scared.

Sensing their riders’ uncertain and frightened state, the horses all become spooked and turned as well to run for their own lives.

Thus the ladder rankings were turned upside down and the last place fencer is now in the lead, and the fencer who was previously the leader had become the rider at the tail end of the race.

The leader at the half way point, and able to fight his way back to the top a second time, after a short break for lunch, was Cyrus Augur! And the rest of the field finished in the following order: 2nd – Andrew the Goode; 3rd – Nicolo Loredan da Venezia; 4th – Dirk Bodkin the Sharp; 5th – Luca di Cola; 6th – Lucia Augur & 7th – Gavin

After a second rest break, an iron fencer round robin tournament saw each fencer hold the field against each of the other six fencers in best of three bouts and after a tie-breaker the following were the final standings: Winner – Cyrus Augur {winning 11 bouts}; 2nd – Andrew the Goode {10}; 3rd – Nicolo Loredan Da Venezia {8}; 4th (tie) – Dirk Bodkin {4}; 4th (tie) – Luca di Cola {4}; 4th (tie) – Lucia Augur {4} & 7th – Gavin {2} (Score Keeping services provided by Albert Harris.)

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