Sicilian’s Revenge: Palio di Sicily

The Shire of Port Oasis is excited to host the games of the Palio di Sicily September 9-11, 2016. The rival Contrade of Port Oasis are each out to prove their superiority. In order to prevent these rivalries from becoming outright warfare we have, in the fashion of the Italians, declared a Palio Event comprising of several challenges from which a winning Contrada shall be determined and be awarded the Palio prize. Come horse around with us, join in the games and delightful festivities that shall ensue. But beware! The Sicilian is still out for revenge, so keep a close eye on your horses!

Palio activities will include: Rattan Challenge, A&S competition, Archery Challenge, Fencing Challenge, Children’s activities including Children’s Hobby Horse Palio, Bardic circle, Assassination games, Fabric swap, Port Oasis Clothier’s Guild prize for best Italian garb, Merchants (maybe….bring your stuff!)

For individuals bringing minors other than their own children, please remember to bring a completed parental permission form.


To keep everyone’s energy up for the games, there will be a sumptuous lunch buffet provided on Saturday to all who attend the event as well as an evening feast for up to 50 hungry souls.


The archery range will be open throughout the weekend. For more details contact Master Robert the Gray at


Everyone is invited to display their A&S projects for the Palio A&S competition on Saturday. NO DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED! Populace choice will determine which Contrada wins the day! All project types accepted (food entries must include ingredients list) Set-up at 9:00 a.m., voting starts at 10:00 a.m. with breakdown promptly at 2:30 p.m. For more information contact Sigrid Schreiber at


Mistress Anne Greye will host a fabric Swap on Saturday afternoon. Check your stash and come trade for something that inspires you to create!


Merchants are welcome at no extra charge, with indoor and outdoor space available.

The site is discreetly damp. Please plan to dispose of your empties.

Paid pre-registrations for the event are due by August 26, 2016 and are as follows:


Adult Event Registration – $15; Adult Member Discount Event Registration – $10; Children (6-15) – Registration Fees $10; Children (6-15) – Member Discount Event Registration $5; Youth 5 and under – Free


Adult Event Registration – $26; Adult Member Discount Event Registration – $21; Children (6-15) – Registration Fees $20; Children (6-15) – Member Discount Event Registration $15; Youth 5 and under – Free

Registration should be mailed to the Reservations Clerk: Kismira Rothiem, (Tabby Locascio, 1170 County Rd 70 Proctorville Oh 45669).

Make Checks Payable to SCA-WV, Shire of Port Oasis. You may contact Kismira at or 304-412-8198 for more information about reservations.


Camp Mad Anthony Wayne, 2125 Spring Valley Dr., Huntington WV, 25705

There is free on-site camping, 25 bunks available (on a first come; first served basis) and 4 cabins. The cabins must be rented separately from the site so please contact Mistress Anne for further details.

For more information or questions about the site or event, you may contact the autocrats, Mistress Anne Greye ( (Ann Stratton, 4 Hills Court, Huntington WV 25701, 615-306-5568) or Lady Onóra Inghean Ui Domhnaill ( (Carrie Nilles, 1507 Rugby Road, Huntington WV 25705, 304-410-0965).

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